Plett: Best Garden Route Whale Watching Destination

23 April 2019

South Africa is home to several incredible whale watching destinations. The country is also know to have some of the best whale watching spots in the world, and Plettenberg Bay happens to be one of them. The beautiful town of Plettenberg Bay offers exciting opportunities to watch whales and other sea creatures. No visit to Plett is complete without spending time on the warm waters of the Cape Coast, marveling at the magnificent marine life. 

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 Whales are generally thought to visit the bay almost all-year round, however, there are seasons where then are actively spotted in the area. From the beginning of June, southern right whales arrive from their Antarctic feeding ground to frolic in the warm waters of the Cape Coast. They usually stay until November, while humpbacks arrive with their calves till about the end of February. Plett also boasts all year round sightings of the resident Bryde’s whales, pods of Bottle Nose and the shy indo-pacific humpback dolphins. Cape fur seals have also made Robberg Nature Reserve peninsula their breeding colony, making the town the most sought after destination for watching marine life.  

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Plettenberg Bay is privileged to have several sites to explore the magnificent sea life from. One can easily spot whales from the beach, while cliffs offer a better vantage point. The following are some of the most popular spots for watching whales and other marine mammals; Plettenberg Park, Robberg Peninsula in the Robberg Nature Reserve, No 1 Beachy Head Drive, Beacon Island Rocks, Van Plettenberg Monument, Lookout Rocks, The Lookout View site and last, but not least, spectacular viewing along Keurboomstrand beaches and lookout points. Our view suites alsohave wonderful sea views and are ideal for spotting whales if you are not too keen on going out. For those that enjoy a little adrenaline rush, ocean safaris and adventures are offered in the town. Ocean Blue Adventures and Ocean Safaris are some of the local companies that offer visitors exciting sea safaris. 

For exciting winter getaways, Plettenberg Bay offers the perfect destination and accommodation abounds. The Robberg Beach Lodge offers 5-Star luxury accommodation on the beach  and we have awesome winter specials , so get started on planning your itinerary. 

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