Celebrating Plettenberg Bay’s Whale Heritage Site Status

30 August 2023

Here at Plett Quarter Hotel, we’re thrilled to share some incredible news about our beloved Plettenberg Bay. Nestled along South Africa's captivating coastline, our town has achieved a significant milestone in marine conservation. With a well-earned reputation as a premier destination for whale-watching enthusiasts, Plett has been awarded Whale Heritage Site Status by the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) in May 2023. This prestigious recognition highlights our coastal town's commitment and dedication to cetacean conservation and the preservation of their natural habitats.

A Coastal Haven of Biodiversity 
Positioned within the scenic Garden Route, Plettenberg Bay rests between the Tsitsikamma and Robberg Marine Protected areas. This haven boasts an abundance of marine biodiversity, including the magnificent Humpback Whales, Southern Right Whales, Bryde's Whales, Killer Whales (Orcas), and playful Bottlenose Dolphins. We’re especially proud to be part of a community that passionately hosts the annual Plett Ocean Festival, showcasing our unwavering dedication to marine preservation. This vibrant event sparks enthusiasm among our guests and fellow locals, inspiring us all to become stewards of this precious marine ecosystem.

Beyond Observation: A Commitment to Conservation 
Beyond the breathtaking whale-watching experiences we offer, Plettenberg Bay is a hub of ongoing research projects that protect endangered species like Humpback Dolphins and are actively addressing critical challenges like whale entanglement in fishing gear. This dedication to sustainability has won Plettenberg Bay numerous awards in sustainable tourism, solidifying our town's position as a leader in responsible travel.

A Global Recognition and Local Collaboration 
At Plett Quarter Hotel, we’re humbled by the global recognition bestowed upon Plettenberg Bay. Our Whale Heritage Site Status isn't just a local achievement; it's a worldwide acknowledgement of our deep-rooted dedication to marine conservation. We invite you to join us in supporting local conservation efforts and responsibly observing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. This recognition fosters collaboration across various sectors, including tourism, hospitality, conservation organisations marine science initiatives right here in Plettenberg Bay.

A Legacy of Preservation 
As the sun gracefully sets over Plettenberg Bay, a harmonious symphony of nature takes centre stage. The rhythm of waves crashing on the shore harmonises with the distant spouts of whales, creating a magical moment that captures the profound beauty of our interconnected systems. Plett Quarter Hotel is proud to be located in Plettenberg Bay which stands as a shining example of how a dedicated community can seamlessly blend with nature’s rhythm. We’re committed to ensuring that future generations, including our guests, continue to be captivated by the enchanting display of whales and dolphins along our shores.

From all of us at Plett Quarter Hotel, thank you for being part of this remarkable journey towards conservation and appreciation of our marine treasures.

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