Getting Around Plettenberg Bay

13 July 2017

The Robberg Beach Lodge Blog Getting Around The Area

For your convenience, we have sourced some information on the best ways to get around while on holiday in the beautiful Plettenberg Bay.

This article was originally published by Plett Tourism (, our go-to guide for all things happening in the area and for inspiration on how we can make our guests holiday exceptional. Here are some of their suggestions for the best ways to get around the area:


The center of town is on top of a hill and the beaches are located at the foot of this hill. Most younger tourists would be quite capable of walking down to the beaches by foot if they do not have their own transport. The area of Plettenberg Bay is safe and offers gorgeous views and lush greenery for you to enjoy whilst taking a leisurely stroll between the lodge and the center of town nearby.


For those who are not as capable or willing to walk everywhere, here are a number of taxi services that you can make use of during your time in Plett:

Taxi Services & Contact Details
Vogue Cabs 071 330 6000 or 078 906 6677
Marcello’s Taxi Service 082 407 4453 or 083 236 3679
Dolphin Shuttle and Cabs 078 704 6505 or 076 531 3841
Fish Eagle Transport & Tours 083 232 7655 or 083 232 7655


Cycling the area is another great way of getting around if you're looking for an affordable way of getting around, and enjoy taking the journey at whatever pace you set yourself. Bikes can be hired from various shops around Plett, and here are some contact details too:

Bicycle Hire in Plett
Jamin Adventures 044 533 3727 or 082 807 0895
The Bike Shop 044 533 1111 or 083 698 1964

Our friendly staff are always ready to assist in any way we can. If you are not familiar with the area, we are more than happy to help with arranging transport or for any recommendations on what to do in the area during your stay.

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