Celebrate World Environment Day In Fun & Creative Way

23 May 2019

World Environment Day is just around the corner. Yes, there is such a day, that has been set to celebrate our beautiful environment  and to spread awareness on the importance of preserving it. the 5th of June  has been set by as the day we are all supposed to reflect and do our bit for Mother Earth. We have compiled a list of things you can do while visiting Plett to celebrate this precious day in a fun and creative way. Whether you are environment/nature enthusiast or not you will find it truly rewarding.


Make the most of your day by recycling  while in the area. It's easy!  Just collect all the cans, bottles, plastics, paper and any recyclables and dispose them at the recycling point in Long Street Drive which is only a 5 minute drive away  and a 15 minutes walk away. 

Wolrd Envrionment Day  Blog

Dine Green 

When dining out, try and enjoy one meal at  local restaurants  and coffee shops that uses locally sourced organic ingredients. Plett has plenty of green restaurants play a profound role in the efforts to save the planet. Visit restaurants that use biodegradable straws or simply those that live by the reduce, reuse and recycle is a motto. Here are some restaurants and eateries you can visit: Roost Cafe, The Seafood Med Bistro, the Table  Restaurant & Bar, Thyme & Again, Off The Hook Seafood Cafe,  Le Fournil de Plett, La Cafeteria, Hola Cafe and Greg's Cookin.

Shop Green

Visit shops and markets that encourage and support the If you can find stores that will provide non-biodegradable bags or take a canvas shopping bag with you so do not use  plastic bags. if you cannot find any, places such as Divinity Wear, Finest Kind, Mungo, Sassui Spirit & Skin, The Heath,and Bocca Dolce Organic Produce are eco-friendly outlets. The Old Nick Village is also an ideal place to visits. it is popular for it's ethos that supports local produce, encourage buying it fresh produce, not letting what you eat contribute to polluting your natural environment, education on recycling, healthy eating, community living, showcase green energy-effective options for your home.

The Robberg Beach Lodge  World Envrionment Day Blog

 Instead of taking a bus, or a taxi to the beach, mall or any other places of interest, take a walk and save the environment. It's good for your health after all! Better yet, you can rent our bikes to get around Plettenberg Bay while you enjoying your day's activities. Renting a bike is only R150 for half a day and R300 for a full day. 


Green Souvenir

Gift yourself, a loved one or a friend a hand made article from local handicrafts stores and markets. These artisans us 100% recyclable material. Places such as Green Valley Creations and  Porcupine out of Africa and commitment to environmental sustainability.

Remember, every little green decision helps. Happy World Environment Day.

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